Open Water Diver

Get your scuba diving certification with the PADI Open Water Diver ​course​ – the world’s most famous ​and ​broadly recognized​ scuba course! If you’ve ​constantly​ ​desired ​to take scuba diving lessons, ​trip ​unparalleled ​adventure and​ see the world ​beneath​ the waves, this is ​where​ it starts.

You do ​not​ have to have any ​preceding trip ​SCUBA diving for this class. You ​need to​ ​only​ be ​at ease​ being in the water and ​recognize​ how to swim. Upon completion, you will have the capability​ to dive to a ​maximum​ of 60 ft without a professional but with a dive buddy.

(Must be at least 10 years of age)