Open Water Diver course

The PADI Open Water Diver course comprises of three fundamental stages:

1) Learning Development (on the web, autonomous review or in a classroom) to comprehend fundamental standards of scuba jumping.

2) Bound Water Dives to learn fundamental scuba aptitudes.

3) Untamed Water Dives to utilize your aptitudes and investigate.

2 thoughts on “Open Water Diver course

  1. Pamela Fischer says:

    My husband and I are getting our PADI cert. We will be doing our contained water this month and heading to Miami and then the Caribbean. I am trying to organize having our open water while we are on our trip. Would you be able to do the part 1 and 2 either 11/16 afternoon or anytime on 11/17? and how much?

    1. admin says:

      HI there Pamela,

      Yes, our instructor Tomas Martell would be available for the open water certification on 11/16 and 11/17.
      Depending on how your trip is laid out, would you be wanting to complete your open water certification here in Miami or in the Carribean?
      For the Open Water certification, it would take more than two days. There are two ways you can get your certification each being in the matter of 3 days long:
      What you can do is purchase the PADI online course and come with the certification that you have completed the course. Then you will be tested here in the dive shop (paper exam). Once you have passed you will be taken to confined water ( a pool) where you will be analyzed and tested with your abilities underwater. That would be the first day
      Next, you would need to be taken out to open water doing 2 dives one day and then 2 dives the next.
      For this, it would be $395 per person

      The second way to get your certification would be coming to the store where the instructor will teach you everything from scratch. You would be given the official PADI book to reference and study off of.
      The three days would go like this:
      First day: studying, reviewing, and testing then heading out to the pool
      Second day: 2 dives
      Third day: Another 2 dives
      This in total, would come out to $500 per person.

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