The OPEN WATER DIVER certificate. Your SSI Student Manual, water training sessions combined will help you learn everything you need to know to start your adventure the fun and correct way. The SSI Student Manual includes study guide questions at the end of each section to held you retain your new knowledge and test your retention. During your H2O Open Water Diver training sessions you will learn all of the necessary skills and safe  diving procedures to be a comfortable confident diver.

SSI Open Water Diver certification card are recognized throughout the world. They entitle you choose to dive

Your Class Includes:
Class Instruction
Pool Training
2 Open Water Boat Dives
2 Open Water Short Dives
4 Rental Tank
2 Day rental BC
2 Day rental Regulator
Discovery Scuba(1 Day)Discovery.html
Class CalendarClass_Trip_Calendar.html
Refresher CourseRefreshes.html
Get Certified(Open Waterr)
Avanced Open WaterAdvanced_Open_Water.html
Stress and RescueStress_and_Rescue.html
Dive MasterDive_Master.html
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Scuba RangersScuba_Rangers.html
Equipment Needed:
All of the equipment you need to participate in the class is included – except your mask, snorkel, fins,weight belt and booties. Students are required to provide these items since these are very personal items and should be individually fitted. We encourage our students to purchase their most intimate items as fit and comfort are very important to the enjoyment of diving.  These items may also include a wetsuit.  In time you may want to invest in owning your own scuba equipment such as regulator, buoyancy compensator, and dive computer. We have special student package pricing discounts for all our students.  
Schedule & Dates: 
Beginning your scuba training is easy and convenient, designed to fit the busy schedules of just about everyone.  We offer your choice of learning the academic sections online or in a classroom.  Your pool and ocean boat dives are conducted on weekends or weekdays.  With our exclusive Signature Scuba program, we can even customize your course teaching it at your home and in your own pool! 
Open Water Diver / Enriched Air Diver Specialty Certification Combination: 
The H2O Enriched Air Diver (nitrox) course is most popular specialty scuba diving course and can be done in conjunction with your Open Water Scuba Diver training.  Scuba diving with enriched air gives you more no decompression dive time – which means more time underwater, especially on repetitive scuba dives. In addition to Open Water Diver training this course includes Enriched Air online. Open Water training Dive 4 using enriched air; certification fees; your new certification cards and all course materials including enriched air dive computer during training.     

Day 2 - Saturday
8:45 AM to 3:00 PM
Pool sessions and Open Water Short Dives 1 & 2            

Day 1 - Friday
5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Classroom & Test

Day 3 - Sunday
7:45 AM to 1:00 PM
Boat Dives 3 & 4

$450.00  Our course cost includes choice of  standard academic & pool sessions; ocean boat dives; all *scuba equipment ; all educational materials your new certification card and all course materials.
Prices  $450.00

Monday to Wednesday 10am-12pm 2pm-7pm



Saturday 9am-5pm